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How to join the Association?

1. Download and fill out the Membership Application Form

Please read through the Membership Application Form carefully and complete each field as comprehensively as possible. A copy of the SACESHA Constitution is available for download, it is recommend that you read through it before completing the form.


2. Submit the Form

After completing your Membership Application Form, submit the form via email to the SACESHA Secretary using the following information:


Att: Elaine Govender

Subject: SACESHA Membership Application


3. Await feedback from the SACESHA Secretary

A representative from the Mines Professional Association’s will contact you, once your form has been thoroughly evaluated and deemed acceptable.

Membership will only be considered and approved with relevant proof of all qualifications attached to application form.

Ordinary members: Members of the Association shall consist of all SHE practitioners on a colliery, coal processing plant, mining head office and coal mining service providers*. Applications will be approved by Council on a written application supported by two (2) members.  Once ordinary membership is granted the member will retain this membership status until retirement from the Associations.

*coal mining service provider means people working directly for a colliery, excluding suppliers of a “product”

Associate members: Associate members shall consist of members in an occupation related to the Association, SHE practitioners in training and coal mining suppliers*. Applications will be considered for approval by Council on a written application supported by two (2) members. Associate members may not serve on Council or vote.

*coal mining suppliers means people that deliver products

Honorary life membership: Retired Council members of long standing, who may be regarded as a special person who has promoted SACESHA.

Update Membership Details

To update your membership details, download the membership update form and return the completed form to the association secretary.

Membership Update Form

Elaine Govender


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